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UniAPI Joint Stock Company was established on September 20, 2022. Our company is located at Floor 6, Building 25T1, Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City, Vietnam. Our company's tax code is 0110122829.

Our Products


GPTGO, formerly known as GooGPT, is a perfect combination of Google's search technology and ChatGPT's breakthrough AI technology. Inspired by two leading technology resources, GPTGO has developed quickly and become a reliable and effective search tool.

  • Search results combined with free ChatGPT
  • Unlimited use of free ChatGPT
  • Super fast speed
  • Easy copying and downloading of content

With GPTGO.AI, users will experience an advanced and convenient search tool, utilizing the advantages of both Google and ChatGPT, making searching for information on the internet easier and faster than ever before.



GptAutoBOT is a browser extension that allows users to automatically write status updates and tweets using data provided by ChatGPT. This tool makes creating articles simpler and faster, especially for users who often have to create new content on social networks.

Using GptAutoBOT is very simple:

  1. Type the command "/gpt command" into the post box on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. The extension will automatically send the command to ChatGPT and get an answer that matches the command.
  3. The extension will then create a high-quality and attractive text article based on the answer.
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